We put the glass ceiling on ourselves with that unconscious machismo

We interviewed Yermys Peña for this edition, this architect, urban planner and construction entrepreneur, tells us that her passion is to create spaces that improve people’s quality of life, through their architecture, bringing innovation and beauty, but with the human being as a center.

She tells us that “my architecture makes a point of having a positive impact on the environment, creating buildings that bring a benefit to the community, because I am convinced that the city belongs to everyone, with our buildings we can make a better city.”

Ella yermys ella emphasizes that “women need to believe more in ourselves, in our capacity. We put the glass ceiling on ourselves with that unconscious machismo that often comes from education. Understand
that this is not a competition, maintaining our femininity and striving to be visible is a right. Finally, establish clear goals and go after them, training ourselves and making an effort to achieve them ”.

Our interviewee Yermys, who has a Master’s Degree in Architectural Design and another Master’s Degree in Sustainable Design and Bioclimatic Architecture, confesses that she feels satisfied so far with her achievements, although she still has many goals to achieve.

In the architecture and construction sector, culturally the inclusion and recognition of women is not an everyday fact. “Being in the direction of a construction company like Construger, developing important works,
I am personally satisfied (…) in the world panorama, progress for women in my area has been slow, if you compare the last decades ”.

On her side, the pandemic led her to value some things that she had lost sight of “And continue in my goal of bringing well-being through my architecture.”