Frequently Asked Questions

Complete the form and someone from our team will contact you to guide you.

We will talk about your project and let you know if we can help you. If so, we will prepare a proposal with the scope, time and cost so that you can approve it.

Definitely! We believe in integrated design, this is a multidisciplinary team in which you are the central figure.

Our firm does not work interior design, however, we suggest for some projects the presence of an interior designer within the team.

An architect will be in charge of planning your project from A to Z. This includes the design, coordination of the technical team, site supervision, etc. This guarantees that your needs and tastes are understood, achieving an exclusive and personalized home.

One of the great advantages of hiring an architect is that, in addition to conceiving projects, he also has the ability to execute them and solve the different technical-constructive contingencies related to the project.

Yes, within our business group, we have Construger, a construction company with 60 years of excellent experience of which I am CEO Partner.

You can schedule an appointment to learn more about your project, if we identify how we can help you, we will present you a service proposal, if you accept, let’s get started!

This depends on the size and complexity of it. but on our first date we can estimate the times.

You must first make an appointment, to learn more information about your project and to know if I can help you.

We can guide you with everything you need to develop your project, we advise you on the acquisition of the lot if you still do not have it, definition and use of it, until the conclusion. We invite you to make an appointment and let’s talk about your first project!

Of course, you can make the complete set of plans and even approve the project, have everything ready for when you decide to start.

The times usually vary depending on the size and use of the project, usually the preliminary project of 3 to 6 months and the final project 4 to 8 months.